Pressure Proof Your Riding

Coach Stewart invites you to download the following Pressure Proof Projects from his book free of charge.

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Coach Daniel Stewart joins the Stable Scoop Radio Show to chat about how to Pressure Proof Your Riding and what to do if you are a perfectionist.

Daniel’s enthusiasm is infectious, and his attitude toward emotional challenges makes having nerves and insecurities seem so normal – and so manageable.Leslie Threlkeld – Editor, Eventing USA
“I truly believe that, regardless of your understanding of sports psychology, Pressure Proof Your Riding is an essential read.”Kevin Price – CEO of the United States Pony Club
Daniel Stewart isn’t quite what you would call a horse whisperer. The former coach of multiple US Equestrian teams and premier equestrian sport psychology clinician focuses more on the brain of the person on top of the horse rather than the one inside it to find success.

For this reason, along with his prolific teaching ability, Stewart has been able to travel everywhere from Spain to the United Arab Emirates to share his methods.

This weekend, Stewart will be just outside Steamboat Springs at Saddle Mountain Ranch from 8:00am to 1:00pm Saturday and Sunday. “It’s important because we have somebody who actually coaches how to compete,” said Athena Karlin, of Saddle Mountain Ranch. “His tools are universal – just how to take control of your anxiety and work on goal setting and focusing through distractions.”

Although Stewart’s two books, “Ride Right” and “Pressure Proof Your Riding,” focus on equestrians, he also has athletes from other sports around the country seeking his advice. Karlin thinks Stewart’s lessons on overcoming the fear of competitions will make it a worthwhile experience. “It’s positive coaching,” Karlin said. “It can positively effect so many people in this community.”Competition Clinic is Saturday by Jake Miller for Steamboat Today